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DSA (UK) Driving Theory Test

DSA Driving Theory (Basic Mode)

(A) 【Demo】
(300 Questions)
(B) 【Random】
(1200+ Questions)
(C) 【Sequential】
(1200+ Questions)
(D) 【Mock Test】
(1200+ Questions)

Free Demo

Mock Test

(*) For test mode of (A)and(B) 5 questions are randomly picked every time, in no particular order.
(*) For test mode of (C), questions are picked in order, 5 by 5 till end of test bank then start over again.
(*) For test mode of (D), 50 questions are randomly picked every time, in no particular order.
(*) System keeps track and records qeustions you answered wrongly.
      You can review qeustion here to help you to remember the correct answer.
(*) 【Demo Test】bank only contains 300 questions. User ID: demo88, and password: demo88

* About DSA Driving Theory Test

The DSA driving theory test consists of two parts:
(Part I) The first is a computerised touch screen test in which you have to select the correct answer from a number of choices.

(Part II) The second part is called the hazard perception test. You will be shown a set of video clips of driving hazards and asked to click the mouse button as soon as you spot a hazard.

You have to pass both parts of the theory test at the same sitting in order to pass.
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* Special Feature

* Official DSA theory test questions for car and motorcycle/bike learner drivers.
* Over 70 online interactive hazard perception clips.
* Unlimited access to all test bank.
* Progress monitor and review complex questions.
* We give you a pass guarantee!.

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